Fall Facial Favorites – 5 Anti-Aging Products Fabulous Value!


Active ingredients that penetrate immediately. Hydrates, Nourish, Plumping, Calming, Anti-Aging effects. All Skin Types.

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Includes 5 Fabulous Anti-Aging Beauty Products that Cleanse, Rejuvenate and Tighten the Skin.

Anti-Aging Beauty Products Included in Fall Facial Favorites:

  1. Oxylift Clean– our foaming facial cleanser made from natural skincare ingredients gently cleanses and rejuvenates
  2. Hydra Mist– our refreshing and moisturizing mist contains over 70 minerals to energize and enliven your skin
  3. Anti-Aging Firm Serum– Lightens, Revitalizes and Nourishes. Firms, Strengthens and Gives Elasticity
  4. Oxylift Dead Sea Facial Polish– removes old skin and promotes the growth of new skin- this is the ultimate anti-aging beauty product!
  5. Eye & Lip Serum– Our anti-aging formula reduces puffiness, lines and wrinkles around your eyes and lips.

Natural Anti-Aging: Lift, Firm & Lighten!

You will see the immediate improvement of your skins texture with the natural ingredients in our beauty products.  They help control T-Zone by eliminating the acne causing bacteria without damaging healthy skin.   The skin is rejuvenated and wrinkles are visibly reduced.  Our beauty products won’t clog pores with toxic ingredients, but they do purify and cleanse your skin leaving it feeling fresh and clean.

You’ll notice that after using these skincare products your skin will be  brightened and lightened  and you will emit a Youthful Glow.  Your skin will not only look good, but  you will feel fabulous as well.  These are the best anti-aging products all in one package.

Turn your daily Skincare Routine into an Anti-Aging Treatment:

These beauty products are easy to use and can be incorporated into your daily skincare routine with ease. The lines and wrinkles will melt away and you will see the anti-aging effects within a few days. When combining all of our exceptional skincare products into one package, you get five times the benefit with a reduced price.

Using our beauty products together will speed up the anti-aging results and you will visibly see and feel the difference. Other people will wonder what your secret is and will want to try these products for themselves.

The Oxylift Diamond Package works on all types of skin and makes the perfect gift for your family members, co-workers, relatives and  friends. Once they try our natural skincare products they will not be able to believe the incredible texture and improvement in the appearance of their skin- without needing to go through any expensive or invasive procedures. They will thank you for giving them the priceless gift of feeling and looking young and vibrant.


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