Firma Energywear Mock Neck Long Sleeve compression garment


Instantly Slims Arms & Tummy – Reduce Aches & Pain


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The Firma Energywear Mock Neck Compression Garment is that sleek and slimming piece of active clothing that you’ve been waiting for. Once you find out about the fantastic health and beauty benefits of this compression garment you won’t want to take it off. You’ll want to wear it every day to get as much benefit out of it as possible. Because of it’s snug fit you will be able to layer it under most of your long sleeve shirts and sweaters. You will especially fall in love with your Firma Energywear Mock Neck compression garment during the cooler fall and winter months when it will keep you extra warm.

What are the health benefits of this compression garment?

A compression garment that improves circulation

Compression garments are specially designed to help improve your blood circulation. They do this by applying the proper amount of pressure in the right places to encourage the blood to flow more quickly through your body. Increased circulation is beneficial while doing exercise or while in a resting state, so whatever activity you are doing you can continue to get the benefits while wearing this mock neck shirt.

Effectively reduces shoulder and neck pain

This compression garment will give you the additional support for your aching shoulders or neck. This will miraculously cause your neck and shoulder pain to diminish so you can go about your day without constant nagging pain.

Produces fat burning energy

This garment is not just any compression garment, it is made with a special fabric that is full unique bioactive crystal fibers that absorb your body heat and turn it into energy that then focusses on burning excess fat within your body. This occurs just by wearing the garment and is increased when the garment is worn during exercise. The material also helps cool your body temperature down again after an intense workout.

What are the beauty benefits you get when wearing this compression garment?

This mock neck compression garment applies an instant slimming effect to your arms, abdomen, love handles and even to your neck and shoulders. The thin fabric is form fitting so it smoothes out any unwanted tummy rolls and the appearance of cellulite on your upper arms. It holds your upper body firmly in place while you are wearing it, so you won’t have to worry about your arms and tummy jiggling around while working out or going for a jog around the neighborhood.

Machine Washable:

This compression garment will hold up in a washing machine, so feel free to throw it into the wash with your other active clothing items.


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