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FIRMA Energywear now makes Men’s Muscle Shirts that keep you feeling energized and comfortable while looking great. The form fitting look of this compression garment will give you a sleek, stylish and sexy appearance that showcases your arms.

Why endure post-workout soreness when you don’t have to?

FIRMA Energywear Men’s Muscle Shirts  use a special material that reduces muscle soreness and speeds up muscle recovery time.  You will be able to work out longer and harder and be able to go back to working out the next day without experiencing the usual soreness.

Compression garments are constructed so that they apply the proper amount of pressure to certain areas of the body. The pressure increases blood flow to those areas in the body which makes you feel full of energy.  Increasing the blood flow in your body is also good for the health and function of your organs as well as sending a supply of oxygen to your brain.

Now you can get men’s muscle shirts that are made with this specially woven fabric that has embedded bio active crystals that use Far Infrared Ray (FIR) energy for a variety of benefits.

Health benefits of FIRMA Energywear men’s muscle shirts:

  • increase circulation

  • regulate body temperature

  • reduce muscle recovery time

  • help you lose weight!

The FIR energy within the material of this compression garment use the body’s heat and turn it into energy. This energy will activate your metabolism and burn the fat cells in your body.  Just by wearing men’s muscle shirts you can start to lose weight.

Men’s muscle shirts are perfect for working out or just hanging with the guys!

In addition to the health benefits of  this compression muscle shirt, it will also keep your body at a comfortable temperature.  After a hardcore workout it will function as a cooling device, and if you are outside in the cold, it will warm you up.  Regardless of the activity you are doing this compression garment will help you adapt to the correct temperature and keep you

Unlimited Washes

This compression garment can be washed over and over and it won’t stretch or lose its bio active crystal


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