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Cathi Graham, Founder of OxyLift and the Fresh Start Metabolism Program, holds one of the highest recorded weight losses in Canada! With all of her research, knowledge and drive to be healthy and age beautifully, Cathi shares her wealth of knowledge and is constantly researching new, natural ways to help you be strong, healthy and beautiful!

Here are some tips from Cathi:

The best way to release your excess weight is to change your thought pattern. So, how do you change your thoughts?

  1. First, You Must Remove Doubt!
    If you doubt whether you can do something, the doubt can literally stop it from happening. That’s how powerful thoughts are. For those emotional eaters, the depressive feeling of failure is enough to drive one to the fridge. Being aware of the negative self-talk such as, “I’ll never lose this weight, why bother trying?” and replacing it with positive assurances like “I do deserve to be slim and healthy”, turns the doubt into acceptance.
  2. Act As If You Are Slim
    I attribute most of my success in losing 186lbs to this tool alone. Dress yourself with care and wear make-up. If make-up is not you, then be adventurous and wear colored clothing and accessories that accent your appearance. Hide the black and wear cheerful striking colors. Acting as if you have already attained your goal includes buying yourself a gift at least once a week. Participate in activities and social events that you would attend at your goad weight.
  3. Visualize Yourself  Slender and Healthy
    Get a picture or a feeling in your mind of being slender and healthy, feel the pride and happiness. Do this once a day for 2 to 3 minutes. Why? Because what you focus on becomes your reality.

In short, be aware of when you are negative and replace that doubt. Focus on what you want and act as if you already have it. Remind yourself that you deserve to be slim. If you think something is possible and believe it, then it has to be! It’s all in your attitude. Enjoy living life, the weight loss will follow.