Kefir Recipe

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Kefir Recipe – Enjoy!

As you work with kefir, you quickly develop a feel for the process and of how it varies according to the room temperature and the type of milk you use. Also, you can increase its thickness by using more grains; and you can increase its tartness by increasing the fermenting time. As you continue to re-use these grains, they will multiply and you can share grain starters with friends.

   1 tablespoon kefir grains
   1 scant quart (4 cups) milk (goat, cow, pasteurized, raw, reconstituted, skim or full fat)

Place kefir grains and milk in a quart glass jar. Tightly cover and set out at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours (in hot weather, it ferments faster) but not in direct sun light. Shake the bottle a couple times during fermentation. After shaking, release any CO2 gas buildup by opening the lid, then tighten the lid once again. (A tight lid produces a lightly effervescent beverage. To eliminate effervescence, just rest the lid on the jar rather than tightly closing the lid.)

The kefir is ready when the grains coagulate at the top of the jar. To separate the newly made kefir and to retrieve the kefir grains, pour through a strainer or colander (stirring as necessary to prevent the grains from clogging the strainer).

You may drink the kefir as is, or you may refrigerate it for up to three weeks.