OxyLift for Acne

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Acne gets its name from its source: the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. This bacterium is usually a normal inhabitant of the skin, but when it gets out of hand we experience the condition we call “acne.”

Some bacteria are aerobic, which means they thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. Other bacteria are anaerobic and prefer to live in an environment without oxygen. The bacterium P. acnes is of the second group, generally doing best in an oxygen-deprived environment.

P. acnes uses our skin’s natural moisturizer—sebum—as a nutrient for growth. This sebum is produced by microscopic glands, called sebaceous glands which we have all over our skin. Acne occurs when the follicles containing these glands become closed-off hotbeds for the anaerobic P. acnes. A clogged follicle creates the perfect place for P. acnes to flourish because of this bacteria’s preference for an oxygen-free environment.

OxyLift was designed with this in mind. In addition to the 164,000-cycles-per-second massage that improves circulation to the skin’s surface and the low-level micro current that promotes your skin’s natural rejuvenating process, OxyLift also produces enriched oxygen, or ozone, at a safe and beneficial level. This enriched oxygen purifies your skin, creating an environment in which the acne bacteria can no longer thrive

The purified oxygen also helps almost any skin lesion, including those caused by acne, to heal quickly. The OxyLift delivers purified oxygen to areas in need of healing and stimulates circulation to these areas as well. This means that OxyLift not only helps to reduce and conquer acne, but it also helps to restore the skin of acne sufferers to its natural health and beauty more fully and quickly than ever seemed possible before.