OxyLift for Wrinkles

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One of the most obvious signs of aging in skin is the appearance of wrinkles. But have you ever thought about what causes the skin to wrinkle? What makes our skin go from smooth and youthful to aged and wrinkled?

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin. One of the main causes of wrinkles is the loss of collagen in the dermis, the deeper layer of our skin, as we ageOver time our bodies begin to produce less and less of the collagen that makes our skin so resilient and elastine. Smoking, exposure to the sun, and air pollution all work to break down our skin’s natural collagen. Additionally, aging skin also holds less moisture and doesn’t repair itself as well as youthful skin. Thus, our skin loses much of its natural springiness over time, and the lines created when we make various facial expressions are no longer quite so temporary.

The OxyLift is an excellent tool for combating the wrinkles that come with aging. OxyLift’s oscillating current, which imitates hundreds of tiny fingers patting the skin at 164,000 cycles per second, causes an increase in circulation to the skin and the orange-red glow from the  the tip is readily absorbed by our skin cells. Together, these features promote the production of collagen and the regeneration of skin cells. This means that instead of thinning the skin like so many anti-aging products do, OxyLift actually prompts your skin to regenerate, returning it to a more youthful , healthy state.

Using Oxylift for just a few minutes a day, collagen will be laid down in the skin and you will see a cumulative benefit. This skin cell regeneration and renewed production of collagen will help your skin regain its natural elasticity and firmness. Clinical studies have shown the body’s collagen production increase by an average of 33% among test group participants. The result of this collagen production is that wrinkles and fine lines in the skin are reduced and the skin is toned and tightened.

One other wrinkle-related benefit of using OxyLift is that the decrease in the surface tension of the skin it causes, along with the increased circulation, making it easier for skin care products to be absorbed deep into the skin. OxyLift makes penetration into these deeper skin layers possible, which enables the skin care product to do its work more fully.