Basics for an anti-aging lifestyle

by Cathi Graham | Posted in:

In North America we like quick fixes. The common concept is that you should be able to pay money for something that will provide an instantaneous solution to your problem. We tend to apply this attitude to our health as well. When it comes to our bodies and how we age we can’t expect to buy back our youth, we have to live a healthy anti-aging lifestyle that helps us maintain our youthful vibrance.

Elements of a healthy, anti-aging lifestyle

  1. Healthy, whole foods diet
  2. Consistent exercise
  3. Natural skincare regime

We become what we eat… so, eat fresh whole foods!

One of the oldest men in America wrote a book called “Age Less, Live More”. He clearly lives what he preaches as Bernando LaPallo is now 111 years old. His anti-aging lifestyle consists of eating mainly raw foods, however his advice to people is to listen to your own body and eat according to what makes YOU feel good. In general most people are aware that processed foods are not very healthy options, yet they are easy and convenient so we often go for convenience rather than health. The striking thing about this man’s diet was that he ate mainly raw, unprocessed foods. You can’t get much more convenient than munching on a fresh apple, carrot sticks or adding things like whole chia seeds and hemp seeds to your diet. By eating fresh, whole foods we will feel fresh and live the whole life we were intended to live.

Incorporate natural skincare products into your anti-aging lifestyle

Our skin, being our largest organ, absorbs whatever we put on it. If we choose to coat our skin with layers of artificially scented lotions and products with chemicals then our skin will soak in those ingredients. On the other hand, if you choose to apply natural skincare products full of vitamins and minerals your skin will be infused with those healthy elements. Using natural anti-aging skincare products has been proven to reduce signs of aging and actually make your skin healthier.

An anti-aging lifestyle includes regular exercise

As our bodies age it becomes harder and harder to do the same physical activities that used to be effortless as a kid. Here is the good news: it doesn’t have to be strenuous activity in order to get the anti-aging effect! You don’t have to run marathons or do intensive aerobic exercises. Walking consistently every day is enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bernando LaPallo is a prime example of someone who simply walks two miles a day, and his age is proof that he has stayed young and active even in his “old” age in part due to his consistent physical activity.

Hopefully these aspects of an anti-aging lifestyle seem more attainable now that you’ve seen how easy it can be to incorporate healthy elements into your daily routine. Start slow by changing a few items in your diet like replacing some processed foods with whole foods. Switch out a few of your old beauty products with natural skincare products and see if you see the improvement in your skin. Try parking further back in the parking lot when you go to the mall so you can increase your daily walking distance. These are small changes that can be the beginning of your new anti-aging lifestyle!