Eating less can help you lose weight AND live longer!

by Cathi Graham | Posted in:

The ultimate diet that helps you lose weight and extend your life is simply to eat less high calorie foods. This doesn’t mean to eat less fruits and vegetables; it means to eat less of the unhealthy, high calorie foods.

Lose weight by counting calories

The reason why people count calories in order to lose weight is because it actually works. It is a fact that if you eat fewer calories, you will lose weight. Vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are very low calorie foods, so even if you are trying to limit your caloric intake, you can still eat as many veggies as your heart desires.

Can counting calories extend your life?

Not only does limiting your caloric intake help you lose weight, it can also extend your life. Researchers studying longevity have found that by eating fewer calories you might be able to live longer than if you continue to eat excessive quantities of high calorie foods. Scientists have been able to conduct studies with mice by controlling the amount of food pellets the mice eat. The results showed that the mice that were given a lower calorie diet were more energetic during their life and lived longer than the mice that were given more food.

Eat to feel satisfied, not to feel full!

The North American diet is full of high calorie foods. Not only is the standard diet unhealthy, the standard portion size is also much larger than necessary. This research does not imply that people should stop eating high calorie foods altogether, it just suggests that by limiting these types of food you could lose weight and live longer. Again, this research does not imply that people should starve themselves, definitely not! You need to eat enough of the proper nutrients, but you should eat to feel satisfied, not until you are completely full.

Make a change, lose weight and live longer!

If North Americans who are used to eating a standard North American diet were to seriously cut back on the amount of high calorie foods they eat we could see a drastic change in the overall health of the general population. It will be interesting to see how this longevity research will affect people’s food choices. If this is the way to extend your life and feel more energetic every day that you are living, then it seems like a simple choice to make. It’s not too late to make a change to what you eat!