Anti-Aging Antioxidants for a younger, healthier you!

by Cathi Graham | Posted in:

The health food industry has been heavily promoting antioxidants as superfoods that will cure just about any disease. What is even more exciting news is that antioxidants are also full of anti-aging benefits that make you look as fabulous as you feel!

Anti-aging antioxidants for skincare benefits

Your skin has most likely suffered from free radical damage caused by exposure to too much sun. Skincare products that contain natural antioxidants work to repair skin damage caused by free radicals and replenish old dead cells with fresh new, more vibrant looking skin cells. Some anti-aging antioxidants that you should look for in skincare products include: coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid (ala), grape seed extract, beta-glucans, green tea extract, vitamins E and C. You can find some anti-aging skincare products that contain these antioxidants on our website.

Feel young again by eating anti-aging antioxidants

A major part of anti-aging is how you feel. By taking care of your health you can feel years younger. Many people report that after cutting out processed foods and fast food from their diet they feel much better. Doctors also have confirmed that by cutting out these harmful foods you can increase your lifespan. You can also add certain foods with anti-aging antioxidants to your diet to help slow down the aging process.

Fruits, vegetables and legumes are full of anti-aging antioxidants

Dark colored fruits and berries are packed full of antioxidants

One of the best sources of antioxidants is the wild blueberry. Other dark colored fruits and berries including blackberries, cranberries, plums, cherries and strawberries tend to contain higher levels of antioxidants. By eating dried fruits and berries like prunes and dried cranberries you can get more concentrated levels of antioxidants without having to eat large quantities. Dried fruits and berries can turn a boring salad into something extra sweet and satisfying.

Beans are a great source of antioxidants

The food with the highest level of antioxidants is the small red bean. It’s funny how such a small food item can contain so many antioxidants that are so good for you. Kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans also contain lots of anti-aging antioxidants and they can be prepared in many different ways to go with any meal.

Is it the anti-aging antioxidants in apples that keep the doctor away?

Red delicious apples, granny smith apples and gala apples all contain antioxidants. You can easily incorporate an apple a day into your diet by grabbing one to eat on your way out the door or cut it up and dip it in some creamy nut butter for a special snack. Maybe there is really some truth to the popular saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

There are lots of other foods that contain antioxidants like pecans, potatoes, artichokes, herbs and spices. It is important to eat other foods as well, as antioxidants are not the only component of a healthy diet.