Introducing the incredibly versatile hemp seed!

by Cathi Graham | Posted in:

It is amazing to consider how much nutrition is packed into a tiny hemp seed. Hemp is unique because it contains all of the amino acids which makes it a complete protein. Hemp is not only full of nutrients, but it also can be used for a variety of purposes for health, beauty and even fashion.

Hemp seed milk:

When you blend hemp seeds and water together they are transformed into a delicious creamy milk substitute. Hemp milk is full of vitamins, protein and healthy fats like omega 3s so it is perfect for drinking in between meal times, to add to smoothies or to pour over your favorite whole grain cereal.

Hemp protein powder:

The health food aisles in grocery stores are packed full of different varieties of protein powders. Lots of protein powders are made with whey or soy protein and are not suitable for people with milk or soy allergies. Hemp protein powder is a good non-dairy alternative that is high in protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Chocolate hemp protein powder can be used to make a delicious shake that can be enjoyed as a guilt free snack that satisfies.

Hemp seed snacks:

Using hemp seeds for baking is becoming more popular as the health benefits of hemp seeds are so amazing people want to add hemp seeds to their diets wherever possible. Hemp seeds add a nice texture and nutty flavor to baked goods, and can be used in lieu of nuts. At OxyLift we love hemp seeds so much we like to add them to everything; salads, smoothies, cereal or as a nice crunchy yogurt topper. We even have our own hemp seed snacks available to order from our website

Beauty products made out of hemp seeds:

Hemp is also used in anti-aging beauty products because of it’s nutrient rich properties. Hemp seeds also produce an essential oil extract that contains omega 3s and 6s. Hemp seed oil can be used in moisturizers and face creams to replenish and rejuvenate aging skin.

You can even wear hemp seed products:

Hemp seeds are not limited to food and beauty products, the fiber from the seeds can also be made into eco friendly fabrics and clothing. Hemp sheets and clothing are soft and breathable and are an alternative to cotton, since cotton production is harmful to the environment.

Such a versatile little seed can do wonders for your health and the environment. If you haven’t used any hemp seed products yet, you need to! To find out more about hemp seed products you can visit our online store at