Emotional Eating

by Oxylift | Posted in:

January 1st you told yourself you were going on a diet, by January 15th it was “Diet, what diet?” Then you beat yourself up & eat even more because you are so frustrated. Here’s what works:

Protein – Aim to have protein 3 times a day. Eggs, fish & chicken are staples. I’m not a big protein eater so I also like protein drinks, hemp seeds, a handful of pumpkin or sunflower seeds or veggies with hummus.

Lower Carbs – Make sure you have easy-to-reach-for snacks such as washed and cut carrots, celery, snap peas, cucumbers or any fruit or veggie you love. If you feel like reaching for chips, grab some crunchy carrots instead. When having a cooked meal eat a lot of raw veggies with it and just a small amount of starch such as pasta, potatoes, rich or bread. It’ll help your digestion and the better your digestion the better you’ll release weight.

Fat is your friend – Have your good fats 1 -3 times a day. This includes fats high in Omega 3’s such as Hemp Seeds, walnuts, flax seed oil, salmon and my favorite, mackerel. I throw a heaping tablespoon of flax¬†oil in my protein drink every day.

Analyze – Why are you eating a huge¬†chocolate bar or a helping for 3 of pasta right now? Did you just get off the phone with your frustrating and annoying brother? Did you do poorly on a test or fear that you will? Did you realize this morning that you’ve gained a pound and have given up? Try to recognize when you are eating out of emotions and put down that high fat and calorie comma inducing food and dance, go for a walk on the beach or have a healthy shake instead, it will pass, I assure you.

Move – Simply do something you like! When I was 326 lbs I hated exercise. I started off just walking 7 minutes from my house and back. If you like a clean, shiny car, get out there and clean it once a week. If you like music, put on your headphones and dance like no one is watching. Go smell the roses, then plant some! As long as you make yourself move as much as you can everyday it’ll help you lose weight and you’ll feel less tired and motivated to keep on going!