How OxyLift Works


Woman using anti-aging beauty product, Oxylift

Oxylift oxygenated facelift system


The Oxylift stimulates the skin’s layers with a rapid massaging action to increase blood circulation and cell growth, stimulating new collagen development and promotes healing of blemishes. It lifts and tightens while reducing wrinkles.


The gentle microcurrent delivers thermal energy to the dermal areas under your skins surface and increases skin temperature. This helps support your skins natural, healthy look. Oxylift uses a safe, effective high frequency current to tone the skin, which not only rejuvenates your appearance buy giving you a healthy glow and smoothing your skins surface,  but actually makes your skin healthier!


The high frequency current used in the device produces oxygen (ozone), the smell is that fresh, clean after a thunderstorm smell. Not only does this increase circulation to enliven a sallow skin tone, it kills bacteria so that skin conditions, including blemishes and acne, are reduced. Its therapeutic action, which increases new cell growth, breaths new life into your skin!


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