Lose Weight Fast with the Fast Start Plan and Foods & Moods Journal


• People who journal their meals lose 2x more weight
• Learn an easy way to lose weight NOW

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Flush fat, increase energy & lose weight fast
Drop 5-10 lbs with our 7 Day Weight Loss Plan!

How does the Fast Start Weight Loss Plan help you lose weight?

The Fast Start Plan is a simple.  You will receive one week’s worth of detailed meal plans so you don’t have to think about what you should or shouldn’t eat.

These foods are all part of a tested food-sequencing system designed to flush fat and toxins out of your body and in addition these foods will get your metabolism up and running faster than ever so you can start burning fat and lose weight fast.

What is included in the Fast Start Weight Loss Plan?

  • -7 Day Meal Plan
  • -Foods & Moods Journal
  • -Tips and Techniques for Ending Emotional Eating
  • -Key Foods that Curb Your Cravings and help you lose weight fast

A weight loss plan that helps you lose weight fast

Within 48 hours you will notice you feel better and experience a flatter tummy! (You will feel like someone let the air out of you!) It is so motivating to see the numbers on that scale go down almost daily.

Your first week on the Fast Start Plan will result in you being 5-10 pounds lighter (depending on your age and size). In 7 days you will have all of the secrets and tools you will need to continue to eat right and stay healthy.

This first week is just the beginning. Once you see how effective this weight loss plan is, you won’t want to stop.  With these new found weight loss secrets, you will continue to lose weight and start to feel amazing again!

How will the Foods & Moods Journal help you lose weight?

The Foods & Moods Journal contains cutting edge techniques to reduce emotional eating.  Making a change to your diet and lifestyle is not always easy to do on your own, that’s why we give you this journal to help you get started.

You will receive priceless tips on foods and supplements that will crush your cravings for chocolate, salt and sugary foods.  With healthy alternatives that taste good and satisfy your hunger, you won’t miss high calorie junk food.