Firma Energywear Compression Socks Short


Compression Socks Improve Circulation


Are Contour Compression Socks the right fit for you?

If you struggle with swollen legs and feet and have tried endless treatments but have not found any relief you need to try our contouring socks.

Firma Energywear Compression Socks are Soft, Comfortable and Breathable.

  • Improves Circulation
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Joint Pain Relief
  • Cooling or Warming Effects

How do Compression Socks Work?

Compression socks help increase circulation by improving the blood flow to and from the legs and feet. They fit snugly so as to apply pressure to the feet and calves which encourages the blood to flow in and out of these areas that tend to lack proper circulation. You’ll find that when you wear compression socks you actually feel like your feet are getting a massage.

The Bioactive Crystals within the fabric of the contouring socks use the same technology as other Firma Energywear compression garments. The embedded crystals activate far infrared ray energy from the body that either cools you down or warms you up. When your body heats up, because the material is breathable the moisture is able to be released along with the toxins and lactic acid build up- relieving your muscles from soreness.

If worn while doing activities like exercise or even walking, compression socks can help prevent soreness and injury. If worn consistently compression socks can even help to prevent the formation of varicos veins.

Firma Contouring Socks come up to right below the knee and should be worn this way in order for them to work properly. Compression socks should be worn as often as possible in order to receive the full benefits.

Compression Socks are versatile:

The black color can be worn by men or women with casual attire or with more dressy outfits. No one will be able to notice that you are wearing special socks, but you will surely notice the difference.

Walk easier with these amazing socks. With Bioactive Crystals woven into the fabric they will Naturally Help Increase Circulation while Diminishing Swelling and Pain – Pure Heaven!

Details for our Compression Socks:

One color: Black

One Size Fits All: get a pair for your friends and family members who would benefit from these outstanding compression socks.

Withstand unlimited washings so you can enjoy the lasting health and comfort benefits of these amazing compression socks!