Grow Old Yes- Look Old NO!

Glowing Skin Kit

Spring into Glowing Skin 5 Amazing products to help You Look like a more Radiant & Youthful you!


OxyLift Dead Sea Facial Polish

New Skin in 3 Treatments- this highly nourishing Facial Polish rejuvenates Your Skin plus gently exfoliates away dull skin, bumps, & lines leaving only

Radiant, Bright & Youthful Skin! Reg $24.95

OxyLift Clean- Foaming Coconut Face Wash

This Light-As-Air Foam Gently & Deeply Cleanses all types of Skin. This Cleanser Contains No Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, & is Soap Free so it will not strip your skin.Your Skin will feel Fresh and Hydrated! Reg $18.00

OxyLift Eye/Lip Serum

Designed to Tighten and Brighten the eye area, Plus fill in the line over the lips. It contains Stem Cells, Peptides & Retinol in a base of Organic Plant Extracts. This light as air Serum Wakes up the eye area giving it an INSTANT LIFT! Reg $36.00

FIRM Serum Oil-  #1  BEST SELLER

This Serum is 100% Natural. It Firms, Strengthens and Gives Elasticity. Improves skin’s Moisture IMMEDIATELY! Fast Absorbing & Gives Skin a Healthy, Alluring Glow. Reg $44.95  


Satin Pillow Case

Prevent wrinkles and lines, No More Hot head Or Bed Head! Our amazing Satin Pillow Cases are Softer & Smoother than even the most expensive Egyptian Cotton. Reg 20.00

$145.95 Each


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