OxyLift Clean – Best Selling Skincare Product!


Cleanses and hydrates. Gentle enough to remove eye make-up. All skin types.

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Unlike other cleansers that contain sodium lauryl sulfates, this self-foaming cleanser won’t strip the skin of its vital barrier & moisture. OxyLift Clean is not only a facial cleanser it is a natural skincare product that your whole body will love. It cleanses and hydrates without drying out the skin’s natural moisture.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a compound used in many skincare products, household cleaners, detergents and is even used in car engine cleaners. It is able to remove oil stains and oil buildup which is useful for heavy duty cleaning jobs, but is too abrasive for the sensitive skin on your face. OxyLift Clean is a gentle cleanser that removes oil without using this damaging ingredient.

Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients used in this Skincare Product:

Some of the anti-aging ingredients used in this cleanser are Calendula (more commonly known as Marigold) and Hamamelis Virginiana (also known as Witch Hazel) which are both plants that are known for having anti-inflammatory properties that keep the skin looking young and fresh.

OxyLift Clean is naturally scented with lavender and contains essential oils that will keep your skin soft and moisturized.

This cleanser is gentle enough to remove eye makeup as well as any other makeup or beauty products left on the skin. It is also perfect for shaving! OxyLift Clean can be used on all skin types giving your skin a balanced and healthy glow.

BEST FACIAL CLEANSER EVER! Use this foaming cleanser and you will never use another!

  • Contains Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients
  • Gently and Deeply Cleanses all types of Skin
  • Light-As-Air Foam
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  • Soap Free

Gentle self-foaming cleanser produces instant, silky foam that gently and deeply cleans the skin resulting in a wonderful fresh feel. Contains no sodium lauryl sulfate and is soap free. So amazing your whole body will love it!

Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients:

Purified water, Calendula & Lavender Infused water, Polo wax, Stearic acid, Sunflower oil, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana, D-Alpha Tocopherol, Pro-Vitamin B5 complex, Oat protein, Lavandula, Angustifolium, Ylang Ylang, Essential oils.

This Skincare Product has no artificial fragrance, color or chemical fillers. It contains no parabens or Petro Glycol and is mineral free.

This Beauty Product is not tested on animals.

Love this product? Get it auto-shipped to your door every 6 weeks! Click here to subscribe!

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