3 Latest Scientific

 Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging

OxyLifts New Serum & Cream Duo has an Award-Winning, Patented Liposomal Preparation (hollow spheres of lipids which fill in lines & wrinkles).

 STEM CELLS – Based on the Stem Cells of a Rare Swiss Apple that is well known for its ability to be stored for long periods of time without shriveling. 

PEPTIDESThese peptides act as a signal to tell your skin to make New Collagen. Applying Peptides enhances your skins ability to produce more collagen, Reducing Winkles, Firming & Toning giving a Younger Appearance. 

RETINOL –  Most serums have only 100,000 IU, ours has 200,000 IU designed to repair damaged skin – Plumps Wrinkles & Adds Youthful Volume to the Face. The closest product with this concentration is $299.00!

 A study where the participants applied the serum twice a day for 28 days to their crows feet showed a Significant & Visible Decrease in Wrinkle Depth for 100% of the People!