Satin Pillow



STOP Waking Up with Wrinkles & Bad Hair Days!

 3 Reasons to Switch to Satin:

 1-Prevents Wrinkles and Lines

 Cotton Pillow cases can leave sleep lines and wrinkles on your face. Cotton absorbs moisture and natural oils in skin and hair. Spending eight hours a night with your skin pressed against cotton causes a serious loss of moisture and causes wrinkles.

 2-Saves Your Hair Style

  Satin won’t create Bed Head like cotton so not only will you keep your style and you will save the moisture cutting your morning “get ready” in half.

 3- No More Hot Head

 As you sleep your body tosses and turns creating heat and friction between your hair and your pillow case. Satin is gentler and cooler on your face and head so you wake up feeling and looking great.

 OUR Satin Pillow Cases are Smoother and Softer than even the most expensive Egyptian Cotton.

 Treat Your Face and Hair to The Best.

$20  Each


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