Sea Kelp: Drink and Be Healthy!


Kelp has a reputation for helping people to lose weight

  • Diminishing Fat Without Side Effects
  • Helps you Lose Weight
  • Helps Thyroid function
  • Chalked full of trace minerals

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Drink Sea Kelp Daily and See how this Naturally Slimming drink helps you Lose Weight! Drink and Be Healthy!

TJ Lyle, MD states that obesity is rarely seen among people who incorporate kelp in their daily diet. Kelp has a reputation of being anti-fat, diminishing fat without any side effects. It detoxifies heavy metals in the body and naturally aids in weight reduction.

How can KELP help you lose weight?

Cathi Graham`s Sea Kelp helps you lose weight, reduces cellulite, protects against breast cancer, detoxifies and gives mental clarity. Studies at McGill University also show that adding kelp to one’s diet helped to reduce and detoxify heavy metals in the body and purify the blood.

The #1 most undiagnosed problem is with the thyroid gland. In North America there are over 100,000 people with under active thyroids, meaning the thyroid gland is unable to produce the adequate hormones. Some symptoms include dry skin, tiredness and weight gain. The thyroid is the engine of the body and liquid Sea Kelp helps to fuel this engine because it is rich in iodine, a mineral that the thyroid needs in order to produce thyroid hormones. In Japan, where they eat kelp like we eat bread, thyroid problems are almost non-existent.

Drinking this liquid sea kelp will also help protect your body against disease. Mineral deficiency is one of the main causes of disease, but our Sea Kelp has 70 natural  trace minerals, most of which our bodies are sorely lacking.The recommended daily dose of Sea Kelp supplement is half an ounce per day.If your are trying to lose weight and are looking for more ways to incorporate sea kelp into your diet Cathi Graham’s book of 201 Fat Burning Recipes has great ways to use kelp in tasty recipes that make you feel and look fantastic!  This recipe book is also available to order on our website.

Love this product? Get it auto-shipped to your door every 6 weeks! Click here to subscribe!


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