Spirulina – Nutrition Supplement


• Alkalizes Body – a disease free body
• High in Protein
• NASA claims that 1kg of Spirulina is equal in nutrition to 1,000kg of fresh veggies
• Revs Metabolism & Squashes Appetite

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What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue green algae that grows in both fresh and saltwater found mainly in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.  The health benefits of this superfood have been known for centuries and used by people all over the world.  Today spirulina is still widely used as a nutrition supplement with a variety of health benefits.

-Organic superfood

-Suppresses appetite

-Helps people lose weight

-Complete protein

-Reduces arthritis

-Boosts brain power

-Increases muscle endurance

-Energy booster

NASA claims that 1kg of spirulina is equal in nutrition to 1,000kg of fresh veggies. Spirulina is 60% protein, higher than any other food and has the highest level of beta carotene and the rare essential fatty acid GLS.  Our spirulina has a patent and as a miracle food it’s certified organic and contains no fillers.

Vegetables are great for us but, in 1936, the Government Senate tested the lands and stated that they were 85% depleted. So, what’s left now? Given the less than optimal condition of produce today, spirulina is a fantastic way to get the nutrients our bodies need.  It regulates blood sugar, controls food cravings and is a fabulous food for all bodies types, but especially if you are trying to lose weight.

How can spirulina help you lose weight?

Being rich in phenylalanine, spirulina effectively suppresses the appetite. Spirulina also alkalizes the body. People who find it difficult to lose weight tend to have more acidic pH levels. Studies have shown that the more alkaline your pH levels are, the healthier and slimmer you are.

The ultimate brain food!

Studies in 1995 showed an 81% improvement in academic performance for people using Spirulina. Scientists have found that phycocyanin, an antioxidant in spirulina, protects brain cells and therefore keeps the brain functioning at it’s highest capacity.

Maintain your health with spirulina

Gram for gram it has more calcium and magnesium than any other food. These are essential nutrients for healthy skin and strong bones.  Spirulina prevents muscle damage, so it allows you to do physical activities with more muscle endurance without feeling sore afterward.

Spirulina is not just a pill, it is real food.  Our organic spirulina is easy to digest with noticeable benefits right away! Try adding spirulina into your diet and see how amazing this superfood will make you feel!


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