Anti-Aging Testimonials

“I’ve used Cathi Graham’s OxyLift for 3 weeks and the change is incredible. My eyes have literally lifted where they were starting to droop, the lines around my mouth have softened, and my face looks more contoured. The other benefit is, if I get a breakout, I use the system, and within a couple of days it’s gone. It’s truly amazing.” Lorrie Ritter

Oxylift B and A Cropped“The first time I used the Oxylift my brow was noticeably lifted! I decided to just use the Oxylift on one side of my face for a while to see the difference.  After just 2 weeks my skin was smoother, more even toned and firmer than the side that didn’t get the OxyLift. Many friends,  family & yoga girls have bought one as they can not believe the amazing difference using this non-invasive tool!”

Susie Zacharias, Age  42


“I have been using Oxylift for 5 years. I have had amazing results and at the age of 58, actually look younger than I did at 48.  I recommend the product to family and friends and my sister who is 52 and has had extensive sun damage, swears by it.”

Marsha Goldford

“I have been using oxylift for about 6 weeks and have noticed a big improvement in the texture and firmness of my skin. It absolutely glows! It has also reduced the puckering around my mouth and lifted the outer corners of my eyes. Wow! Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with your product.”

Estella Campbell

“My OxyLift has finally bit the dust and I purchased it back in May 2009.  I absolutely love the way it makes me feel and look.  I’m constantly being told how ‘fresh’ I appear and I’ll be 70 years old in a month!  I use it in the evening after I wash and moisturize for about 10 min, it feels wonderful!

I believe it was about 3 years ago I had one sent to my daughter-in-law in Toronto because she has facial trigeminal neuralgia and when it isn’t flared up she finds the low setting is calming to her facial area.

Please mark me down as one of your extremely satisfied repeat customers.”

Anne Spagnolo

“After using Oxylift for a few months, I noticed that my “turkey neck” had improved greatly. It’s great for exfoliation on the face and my friends have commented on the improvement in my skin – it’s much more toned, firmer and has a healthy glow. I also love the fact that it’s a personal and simple to use at home, and much less expensive than going to a spa or clinic for treatments.

Yolanda Gerlatch

“I wanted to express how much I LOVE MY OXYLIFT!  It has completely cleared up my acne!  It seems to dry out my skin a little, however I much prefer this over the acne, I am not used to using as much moisturiser.  I have been recommending your product to all of my friends and family.  I am so impressed!”

Shawna Baily

“I love the OxyLift and look forward to trying all of Cathi’s products. So far I have used the Eye & Upper Lip Cream and the Lift Serum prior using OxyLift and love them!”

Deb Spring

“My name is Michele Joly. I purchase this wonderful OxyLift face massager a few months ago. I have been using it each morning for about 15 minutes each day. I am very pleased with the results – so much that I no longer go for my facials. The Oxylift gives me better results. I used to have big creases in my neck all the way around to the back and on my chest. Now, after using the OxyLift, my creases are just lines.  My face looks and feels younger and more vibrant. Friends that I have not seen for awhile comment on how good I look. But, it’s funny, they say it a few times, not just once, which makes me feel WOW…… I like this machine so much, I bought one for my sister-in-law. I told her about  it, and she was so excited to get it. One reason – my brother had just finished telling her that she was looking old. Well, within one week my brother told her she was looking good and that machine was doing something. So, if you want to look better, don’t wait. Buy one, and you will see a new you within days.”

Michele Joly

I cannot believe the difference that using OxyLift has made my appearance. My jowls are tighter, my skin is brighter (my mother told me so!), and the lines around my eyes are nearly gone! I am getting compliments from the students and teachers who see me daily. What a fantastic machine OxyLift is. Not only did I see immediate results but long term results in less than the 12 weeks promised.

I love how I look and I love OxyLift!!”

Gayle Bonaparte

“I am so happy that I purchased an OxyLift. After using it for just a couple months, I was receiving compliments on how healthy and happy I looked. In only a few minutes each day, I see continuing improvement in my skin tone and the reduction of wrinkles. Using the Oxy Lift along with OxyLifts skin care products has changed my life! I will never forget the time my boyfriend looked at me lovingly and said: “You get prettier every time I see you!” 2 or 3 minutes a day has taken 10 years off my face!”

Karen Clark

“I recently went to visit my 83 year old Mother who lives out of town and I only see her every few months. She asked “What are you using on your face?” I told her I am using OxyLift’s Luminous Duo. She said “Your face is radiant, wrinkle free looking like healthy skin should look”. She is probably going to be getting this product! She has a whole dresser full of products, but they don’t work. By the way, my Mother also owns the OxyLift face machine.”

Judy Bartlette

“I suffered from teenage and adult acne, oily skin and enlarged pores for more than 30 years. For many years, I used prescription acne medication which helped, but did not “cure” the condition, After using Oxylift for 5 minutes everyday for 2 months, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my skin’s condition, tone & texture. More importantly, though, my large orange peel pores were dramatically reduced. Without any prompting from me, friends started commenting on how great my skin looked.”

Carrie Looze

“I had a mild stroke in 1995 which had a slight drooping effect on the right side of my face. Most people would not have noticed but I did. My right eyebrow was lower and my eye & mouth drooped. I took pictures of my face before I started using the OxyLift and took pictures after 4 weeks. The transformation was amazing! My eye was opened and younger looking. To my surprise my right eyebrow appeared higher than the left one. So I got busy and started using my OxyLift in circular and upward motions on my both eyes. They look GREAT now thanks to OxyLift.”

Michelle Gorski