“I purchased the Firma Energywear Leggings in the middle of May this year and have lost 8 lbs. and several inches since wearing them.  I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and the leggings have made such a difference in my life.  It has improved my circulation, my hernia is going down and I am able to go up and down stairs with ease.  My great granddaughter says “Put your magic pants on so you can play with me!”.  My doctor is very pleased on my weight loss and my ability to get around.  All I can say is that Firma Energywear is marvelous!”

Karrie – Leduc, AB

“I was suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome and menopausal issues.  I wore the Firma leggings to bed and I felt the support and my legs were more relaxed and the restlessness was dramatically diminished. Wearing both the tank top and the leggings to bed really helped with my hot flashes!”  Debra, AB

“I was in pain all day with my three herniated bulging discs.  I put on the leggings and tank top and could not believe it, within 20 minutes my pain had gone.  All of a sudden I realized that I could get up and walk around without that nagging achy pain.  I love it!”

Lucia, QC

“The Firma Energywear helps me feel years younger and I am 10lbs lighter! I’ve lost inches all over. My teenage daughter (who never compliments me) said I look like I lost 15lbs as soon as I put it on. I feel Sexy, Confident and Energized!”

Valerie, BC

“I put on the compression socks because I had shin splints from training for a ½ marathon, and after 3 hours took them off and my shin splints were pretty much gone! I could feel my legs were a bit tingly, the circulation was going for sure!”

Michelle, BC